Agent Dash now with new characters, better graphics, new missions

If you’re a huge fan of endless runners, and agents dashing to and fro in general, then Agent Dash should be the game for you. They call it the “ultimate sky blockbuster” as you try and run to defend you country by running through endless obstacles and challenges. A new update to the game brings more playable characters, even more impressive game graphics, and of course new missions for the agents who never get tired of running.

This is one of the most massive updates so far for Agent Dash, and of course one of the things it brings you is new characters. You now can play two new agents, Agent Riley and Dash Junior, who’s basically a mini-me of the titular agent. The total look of the game has also been improved using “next gen graphics” for 2015. The levels have also been remastered, to make life even more difficult for the runners. The worlds have become even more twisting than usual, bringing “dramatic ups and downs” as you try to fulfill your missions. And speaking of missions, you also now have even more to fulfill with this new update.

You can take on Daily Challenges now so you can get more points and rewards. You’ll be able to activate the gadgets you’ve gathered as you’re running, and it will help you beat and outwit your enemies as you run. There are also new menus, new value packs, and theoretically, less time loading for the game.

The update also brings the usual bug fixes and improvements. If you haven’t yet, you can download Agent Dash for free from the Google Play Store with in-app purchases.


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