Sunrise now integrates Wunderlist into its calendar app

For productivity fans and junkies (yes, that is now a real condition), the latest news from Sunrise should bring a smile to your face and cross off an item on your wishlist. The popular calendar app has announced that they are now integrating another popular to-do list app onto their growing family of tools and apps. You can now add Wunderlist to your list of integrated apps, This is just the latest in a series of updates that Sunrise has been releasing in recent weeks.

If you use Wunderlist as your default to-do list app, then you’ll be happy to know that the items on your lists that have due dates (as all items should!) will now show up on your Sunrise calendar as an All-Day item and marked with the Wunderlist symbol. You can even now create Wunderlist tasks directly from Sunrise. When you create a new event, just choose one of your Wunderlist lists from the list of calendars (so many lists!) and it will then show up on both your Sunrise app and your original Wunderlist app.

You can also change your due date from Sunrise itself, just by dragging and dropping them from one day to another. And if you’re finally done with your task, just mark it as done on Wunderlist and a check mark will appear on your Sunrise, which for to-do list junkies, is an absolute joy to see.

There isn’t any need to update your Sunrise app just to enjoy this new feature. Just head on over to your settings page, select “add account”, then look for Wunderlist and enter your email address and password for the app and you’ll automatically be connected. What’s next on our wishlist for connected apps to Sunrise?

SOURCE: Sunrise


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