Turn unused gadgets into surveillance equipment with AtHome Camera

Surveillance equipment used to just be the territory of the CIA, spies, and pop culture. But now that a lot more people are constantly traveling or are leaving their pets at home or the kids with the nannies, we’ve seen the resurgence of nanny cams, pet cams, etc. But getting the actual equipment can be quite expensive. Now, all you need are unused gadgets and an app called AtHome Camera and you can set up your very own home surveillance system.

As soon as you’ve properly set up and positioned your gadget, whether it’s a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you’ll be able to remotely view and monitor the goings on in your house or office, using your paired device. You can also set it up that you’ll get alerts every time the camera detects motion, if you know no one else will be in the house (or you might also get ghost alerts). You will also be able to specify time intervals when the app can record footage that you can review later on. You can also remotely control your IP camera to turn left and right or tilt up and down.

Setting it up is pretty easy. Just install the AtHome Video Streamer App on your old (or it can also be new, if you have money to spare) gadget. The device will be given a unique Connection ID or CID when you launch it for the first time. Then you’ll need to download and install the AtHome Camera app onto your smartphone or tablet that you’ll be using as a viewer. Once you open it up and sign in, you’d need to add by CID or by QR code so you’ll pair it up with the camera you’ve set up at your home. After that, you’ll know be able to “enjoy” remotely viewing the place (or person) that you want to guard.

The developers assure that all connections are secure and that no one will be able to view your camera, unless they have the CID. It also supports multiple platforms so you won’t be limited to just Android based devices (or otherwise).



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