Google to launch Brillo, another Android OS for the Internet of Things

Nothing is certain until the search giant makes an official announcement but Google is believed to be launching a new operating system under the Android brand. This new OS will be for the Internet of Things, a network of “things” embedded with software, electronics, sensors, and connectivity that allow data exchange with another connected device, operator, or the manufacturer with the aim of a greater value and service. It’s a term that refers to anything that uses exchange of data to accomplish something with the use of existing technologies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for some time now but the idea has not fully taken flight. The Nest home automation system, the Belkin WeMo Light Switch, Connected Home by Archos, and Samsung Smart Home are just some examples of things and systems part of the Internet of Things. They allow data flow between two or more devices via remote monitoring or WiFi. We can say Internet-connected devices are still in the early stages but with Google working on a new operating system, it could help standardize the system or finally encourage other manufacturers to use the idea with the Brillo.

Brillo could be launched as another Android brand. It’s also tipped to run on low-powered devices which means it could be a new, easy, and cheap way to connect devices and allow companies to join the bandwagon. We’ve seen Google’s Android Auto attempt and it seems to be doing well. We know of the Android @ Home before but Google has not really advanced that  one.

The Information suggested that Brillo could be released at next week’s Google I/O 2015. Sources say it could be a basic build but could already connect devices to one another and to the web. Aside from Google, the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, Facebook, and Qualcomm have started to use the idea. Microsoft has the ‘Windows 10 IoT Core’ for wearables. Huawei has the ‘LightOS’. Facebook has the ‘Parse for IoT’ while Qualcomm is working on chipsets that would connect devices.

The word Brillo means many different things but in Latin, it means “bright” so we could assume this Android Brillo project is something that will bring “light” and “brightness” to the world. Google is already doing that, connecting devices with Chrome OS that companies are joining in the trend by coming up with their own Chrome-OS powered devices. Android Wear is slowly going there and we’re expecting more companies and manufacturers to embrace the idea.

VIA: SlashGear


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