tinyCam Pro update brings background video recording 24/7

Surveillance cameras are now becoming common among digital natives, as they stay away from their homes for longer periods of time, either for work or travel or just socializing. But you probably don’t spend all your time away just staring at your camera feed right (unless you have that really weird compulsion). One of the more popular apps that help you monitor what’s going on in front of your IP camera is bringing a solution to that problem, so you wouldn’t need to always be watching.

The latest update to the tinyCam Monitor brings you background video recording so that you’ll be able to go back and watch the surveillance video (that is, if you don’t have anything better to do right?) that’s been captured while you weren’t looking. This is especially useful if for some reason you need video “evidence” of some kind or if you need to solve a mystery that only a recorded video can explain. You can view it with the video player of your choice and you also have the option as to where the recorded videos will be saved, either internally, Dropbox, microSD card, Google Drive or other cloud servers or your own FTP server.

The update to version 6.0 also has a new launcher icon and the app’s design incorporates more Material Design changes. The in-app motion detector has also been improved as it now shows you exactly where the motion happened in the motion detection area. The app also is now more stable and uses low memory for the background audio recording.

The background video recording is only available for the Pro version of the app, which will cost you $3.99 when you buy it from the Google Play Store. There’s also a free version but it won’t give you background recording or even the updated icon.


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