Google Keep update brings Maps view to UI

We’ve talked about Google Keep quite a bit here on the site – here, here, and here. If you like to keep notes so you can keep your life organized and just a tad bit ahead of the chaos, then Google Keep is for you. There have been a few updates to the note-keeping app along the way, and we’re reporting another small one today.

The update is not a major one by far, but it makes the whole note-keeping thing run better. If you’re the type who likes to do location-based notes – for instance, stick a reminder note for when you visit your favorite DIY shop to get those specialized hooks you so definitely need and are not available anywhere – then this update is for you.


It used to be, like in the left side of the image above, that the UI for location-based notes will just show you a generic text address. And that works just fine. But the new UI after the update will now show you a Google Maps view of the location you searched for to tag on that location based note.

So the next time you pin a note to give an extra tip to that Starbucks barista who does your mocha frappucino just right, you’ll have a view of the map on your Google Keep app to make sure you’re pinning the note to the correct Starbucks coffee shop (because you know, there are a lot of them).

VIA: Android Police

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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