Breath of Light is another relaxing, enchanting puzzle game

Here’s another puzzle game that will hypnotize you and probably make you addicted to it: Breath of Light. The name alone gives a feeling of happiness, lightness, relaxation, and comfort. If you’re looking for an app that will help you relax, destress, and meditate–this one is it. The puzzle game features a soundtrack so hypnotic by Winterpark. Think of Zen gardeing, Indian Buddhist art, and Sumi-e inks and you’ll experience them with the Breath of Light app.

The premium game is easy to use. This one reminds me of Monument Valley because of the enchanting soundtrack that is actually best played with headphones. Objective of the game is simple: move rocks around the mystic garden using energy and set the rocks in a place.

Yup, this one is definitely inspired by Monument Valley and the other inspired game called Skyward. If it’s very similar, I’m guessing this game will really make more people addicted to it the way Monument Valley challenged the Android gamers. I know I can play this game and at the same time frustrate me–again, the sameway Monument Valley did.

Game is $2.99 and with no other in-app purchases are allowed, at least, none that we know of yet.

Breath of Light 5
Breath of Light 4
Breath of Light 3
Breath of Light 2
Breath of Light 1

Download Breath of Light from the Google Play Store


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