Sony SmartBand 2 to reportedly have heart rate monitor

Because a companion app was pushed to the Google Play Store inadvertently, it looks like word is out that the upcoming Sony SmartBand 2 SWR12 will indeed have a heart rate monitor. This piece of info was first leaked back in February but now the product description that is part of the app confirms this and gives a few other details about the wearable that is expected to be announced anytime now.

According to the pictures in the SmartBand 2 app that is set to appear in the Google Play Store, the wearable will be sporting a heart rate sensor on the underside of the module. The screenshots also describe a feature that “measures your pulse at an even rate” and will also give you the current beats per minute (BPM). It goes to show that the wearable is more than just a notification center or a partner to your smartphone, but is more geared towards logging all your activities and tracking your body and all its activities, including sleeping.

While you can also pair the Sony SmartBand 2 with other smartphones, it is optimized of course for the Sony Xperia ones, running on Android 4.4 and up. If you pair it with another brand of smartphone, it may not be as fully optimized.

No word yet on when the new SmartBand will actually be introduced to the market. But given the fact that the companion app is being pushed to the GPS already, it might be one of these next few days already.


VIA: Xperia Blog


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