One More Dash requires perfect timing and a lot of tapping

Some mobile games are too complicated that they require players to think too much. The purpose of gaming is to somehow escape the present and playing difficult games might defeat that purpose. The likes of ‘One More Dash’ is one easy and simple game that requires timing and speed for you to advance. It’s another time waster that I’m sure you will enjoy playing in your spare time or whenever you want to take a break from all the work and studying.

This simple casual game can be intense as you play. Music will remind you of the 80’s but it will definitely get you hooked on the game. Game is free but a single in-app purchase can be availed to remove the ads. There are more than 200 mission to complete it might take you a few weeks or months all of them. But if you have all the time in the world, you can play the game straight but of course, we can’t guarantee you won’t get dizzy.

Gameplay is simple: tap to dash, unlock various themes and characters, collect, dodge, die, and repeat. One More Dash is from the makers of the hypnotic and highly addictive game released last year, One More Line. SMG Studio knows how to make addictive casual games and One More Dash is yet another cool game that will make you play for hours.

One More DAsh 6
One More DAsh 5
One More DAsh 4
One More DAsh 3
One More DAsh 2

Download One More Dash from the Google Play Store


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