Elemental Wings takes flight to mix RPG, CCG, and shooters

If you’re tired of the usual role-playing or card collecting games on Google Play Store, then Joycity’s latest release might be worth a shot. Elemental Wings combines several genres into a single anime-styled game that might just have enough elements to keep it interesting. You have the character building of RPGs, the deck building of CCGs, the fast-paced action of a shooter, and the rare vertical scrolling of a flying game. All of that rolled into one free game, with IAP options sprinkled everywhere, of course.

Elementals and Humans have peacefully coexisted for a long time, but some Elementals have been corrupted, causing mayhem in the world. As an Elemental Wing, sort of like the Elemental Police, it is your duty to keep these rowdy Elementals in check. While flying! Of course, to help you bring those Elementals into submission, you will need the help of, well, Elementals.

Collecting Elementals and evolving them into their more powerful forms is where the CCG part of the game comes in. Naturally, each elemental has his or her own special abilities. Game controls are easy and can even be done with one hand. Just swipe left and right to dodge attacks and collect the orbs that are flying around. That said, you’ll probably need two hands because of the added game mechanics.

Elemental Wings is now up on Google Play Store, free of charge but with hidden expenses waiting inside.



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Sienna Prieur

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