Nikola phone case gives Galaxy S6 extra juice from RF energy

According to a lot of studies made, when your smartphone emits out radio frequency (RF) signals like WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, etc, only a small fraction of it actually reaches the receiver, so you have all of that wasted energy just floating around the air. Have you ever wondered what can be done if you can harness all that energy? Well, a Kickstarter project is doing that, as they want to introduce the Nikola phone case to Samsung Galaxy S6 owners.

Basically, what the phone case does is give your smartphone a little extra juice by using all that unused RF energy and churning it into extra DC power for your device. The creators of this smart tech are from Nikola Labs, and obviously, they’re both named after Nikola Tesla, the father of modern electricity who was also one of the first to dream of wireless electricity. The phone case has embedded in it an RF harvesting antenna as well as an RF to DC converter to be of any use to your smartphone.


Aside from giving your Galaxy S6 extra boost, the phone case can also offer “sleek protection” for your device. You even have other color options, like white+gold, white+gray, black+gold, black+gray, and red+gray. Of course it’s a little bigger than the regular smartphone cases, but it is also not as bulky as expected. However, it only works for now with an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S6, so its audience is also fairly limited.


They are currently still a little way off from their target goal of $135,000. But there are still 39 days to go on their campaign. All the early bird slots are gone, so the lowest pledge you can make is $99 and the expected delivery date is by January of 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

This is a crowdfunded project, and as such may not deliver what its creators initially promise. Most crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, have policies about what happens to your money if the project fails to deliver on its goals, but choosing to back a project is inevitably a risk. Android Community’s reporting on crowdfunded projects should in no way be seen as an endorsement, unless specifically stated, and we recommend closely examining the terms and conditions to understand your individual rights as a backer before making a pledge.


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