Train to develop your own killer apps with Ruby on Rails [DEALS] provides learners with everything they need to be a success. The foundation of their 2 year subscription to Build Your Dream Apps with Ruby on Rails includes access to 120 hours of total course content, broken up into 5 hour courses, that will prepare anyone to be a rock star Ruby on Rails coder. Learn to code your own apps with Build Your Dream Apps with Ruby on Rails: 2-Yr Subscription, 89% off right now at Android Community Deals.

It isn’t necessary to have prior coding experience to excel in this course. Each student will be taught how to code from scratch and all will have access to a student support knowledge base to make sure they stay on track.

In addition to the normal course work, students will also get necessary hands-on training. Every month, subscribers will use what they have learned to craft a real working app. By the end of the subscription, each student will have made a full portfolio of 24 working apps that can be shown to prospective employers and help land them that dream job.

The app marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade and that growth is showing no signs of slowing. Get the training needed to secure your future with Build Your Dream Apps with Ruby on Rails: 2-Yr Subscription, only $49 at Android Community Deals.

Bonus deal: Enjoy unlimited and automatic backup storage for your phones, tablets and computers with the Pogoplug Personal Plan: 3-Yr Subscription, $49 at Android Community Deals.


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