Burner update: Material Design, Android Wear support, unified inbox

One app that truly lives up to its name is Burner. No, it’s not an app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a flame thrower, but it does create throwaway phone numbers (US and Canada only) that you can use for one purpose or another and then dispose of when they have served their use. A new update for the app, which brings it to Version 3.0, is their biggest design update so far, bringing Material Design, a unified inbox, and support for Android Wear devices.

The most obvious change for version 3.0 is that it has now been redesigned to adapt the Material Design visual guideline provided by Google. From the color palate, to the animations, and to the transitions in between the different sections, you should feel right at home with the new design if you already have Android Lollipop running on your device. The update also brings support for smartwatches running on Android Wear. You’ll be able to view notifications and messages and if you want to reply through your wearable, you can do so through voice commands.

Because Burner allows you to create more than one of those burner numbers, it can sometimes get confusing as to which number you used for what. But with the unified inbox, everything can now be in one place. To help you keep track of everything, each number will be given a unique color. And if you need to go through your old messages or look at the newest ones only, there are filters available to help you sort from the old to the new.

The developers say that these changes came about because of feedback from users. If you’re one of those users, tell us if you think the changes are for the better. If you haven’t used it yet, you can download the updated Burner app from the Google Play Store, but only if you’re in the US and Canada.


SOURCE: Burner


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