View your EPIX movies, videos on your Android TV in new app

There will really come a day (or maybe it’s already here?) when we will watch our favorite videos like movies, TV shows, concerts, not on an actual TV screen anymore, but on our mobile devices, whenever we want. But there is still a certain that would prefer to do so on bigger screens than their smartphones or tablets, but still whenever they want and not on network or cable TV but on demand. EPIX says it is the first premium network to be on Android TV and this might start a trend.

The EPIX Android TV app will bring four live channel feeds that will give its subscribers access to the thousands of movies, concerts, comedy specials on their library. Big movie franchises like The Hunger Games, James Bond, Star Trek, etc, and comedy specials of Russel Brand, Louis CK, plus concerts of the likes of Katy Perry, Madonna, etc, are all available for your streaming pleasure. The sleek interface makes it easy for you to search through the extensive library, or browse through it by genre or by collection.


Even if you’re not a subscriber, you can also watch trailers, go through behind-the-scenes videos, and watch red carpet interviews of the stars as they promote their movies or videos. You can even look at set photos from your favorite films, if that’s your thing. But if you’re a subscriber, you will also be able to have access to EPIX on TV, On Demand, Online, etc.

However, EPIX is only accessible in the US and some US territories. But if you meet that criteria, you can get the Android TV app of EPIX from the Google Play Store.



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