MRU Widget shows recently used apps, blacklist backup/restore added

From Now cards to notifications to launchers, there are still so many ways to personalize your Android phone experience. There seems to be a trend now to declutter one’s home screen because really, it’s just too difficult to have a disorganized screen. There are several apps and widgets that can help productivity and app management like viewing the most recent apps you’ve used. The MRU Widget is a special tool that lessens the need to create app shortcuts as all those recently used apps will simply show up on the MRU.

MRU or Most Recently Used can be customized to not display some apps you don’t want to see. You are free to create a special widget that will look nice on your phone’s home screen. This app works by first accessing your usage stats so make sure you allow access. Not all Android smartphones have the Usage Stats APIs so make sure you check first. Unfortunately, there are LG and Samsung devices that don’t have such APIs introduced in the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop mobile OS.

Developed by Cloudy Day Apps, the latest MRU Widget update features some more optimizations and bug fixes. The devs added ‘blacklist backup and restore’ and ‘right to left layout option’ aside from the custom label color option, icon size option, and icon pack support. The launcher apps are now shown in blacklist for your convenience while the issue of non-launcher apps showing in widget has been fixed already.

MRU Widget 5
MRU Widget 4
MRU Widget 3
MRU Widget 2
MRU Widget 1

Download MRU (Most Recently Used) from the Google Play Store

VIA: xdadevelopers


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