Keep in touch with other gamer friends with Curse messaging app

Hello gamers, you are not forgotten. In fact, most developers have you in mind because they know they can earn a lot of money from you. But this isn’t about making more money. There’s a new app released by the Curse developers. No, they’re not placing a curse on anyone especially not you but they’ve just launched the Curse app.

Don’t be afraid of the Curse. It’s a free communication app made especially for gamers. Since there are a lot of gamers, probably millions out there who need to communicate while playing online, there needs to be a more efficient way on how to contact your teammates and friends. Use the Curse app if you want a more organized instant messaging experience to stay in touch with your gamer friends. To make it more fun, set a group and chat away, enjoy instant friend syncing, and make your ultimate friends list on Curse no matter what game you are playing on whatever platform.

Curse is free to download so you don’t have to pay any server fees or subscriptions. Most of the popular games are integrated and you can communicate with your friends across all of them.

If you’re the type who does backreading and doesn’t want to miss any message, there’s message history and the offline chat feature. For better teamwork, you can even bring your players and teammates together with the use of group messaging on Curse.

Curse is still on beta mode so other some features like voice calls may not be available. The initial release already includes some added features like ‘accept/decline menu items’ on friend requests, ‘request/dismiss menu items’ on friend suggestions, plus more improvements and bug fixes.

curse cover
Curse 1
Curse 2
Curse 3
Curse 4

Download Curse from the Google Play Store

VIA: Gamasutra



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