Save humans with your sniping skills in Dawn of the Sniper

If you’re bothered to play a game that would require you to shoot people from a distance and that will reward you for great headshots, don’t worry, with this game, you have a noble cause. You need to protect the surviving humans from a wave of zombie attackers and to ensure that you also don’t get your brains eaten, you need to become the best sniper you can be. Welcome to the world of the Dawn of the Sniper, now available on Android devices.

Obviously, you are playing in a post-apocalyptic setting where zombies are running (or rather, walking very slowly) the world. You are one of the few snipers that are tasked with saving the world by shooting these undead creatures in the head. Your goal is to not let any of the few humans remaining die by patrolling your area and sniping your way through everytime there’s a new attack. When you get a perfect run, meaning you’ve killed all the zombies in your line of sight, you get points that you can use to either upgrade your current rifle or buy a new, more powerful one.

Each of the 17 levels will have several objectives and your goal is to meet all of them. There are also other side missions for you to finish so you can earn more points. If you feel like bragging about your sniping skills, you can do so by sharing your scores on social media. Just be sure to explain the context of your sniper post, or else they might think you’re a threat to national security or something.

You can download Dawn of the Sniper from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available so you can upgrade or add lives by using real money instead of earning points.



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