Insensi intros ILY Family Phone, perfect for kids and grandparents

There seems to be a growing trend of making the environment and things more secure for kids. Through the decades, the older generations have learned from their own experiences so they’re working hard to make a better future for the children. When it comes to technology, the adults and the children are lucky in this time and age because we have access to almost anything.

Adults are able to work and communicate wherever they are because of the Internet and the numerous mobile devices available. Kids are entertained by the phones and tablets loaded with educational apps and games. To strengthen relationships, we use these gadgets to connect with our friends and loved ones. On the downside, these same gadgets can be used to access “garbage” that are not beneficial to kids.

And so Insensi came up with this new Family Phone that offers a simple and safer way for family members to communicate. We’ve seen a number of kid-friendly tablets already like the Kurio, Polaroid Kids Tablet, Toys R Us’ Tabeo, and the Fuhu Nabi tablets. Even Google has joined the bandwagon by launching Designed for Families program for kid-friendly apps. But Insensi’s ILY Family Phone is expected to be a game-changer by making sure it is less technical for the grandparents and young children.

The ILY Family Phone is a special 8-inch touchscreen device that can be placed in any room of the house. It can be a landline phone alternative (because really, who still needs one?). Device only needs WiFi connection but unfortunately, you can’t find any web browser here so children have limited access to things that are not safe for them.

The ILY also comes with a companion ILY app that other family members can download on their own tablets or phones. With the app, you can video call your family anytime over the Internet. Features are really basic: voice call, video call, and instant messaging. You can personalize ILY for each member with custom colors and fave photos.  Device can also play music and  capture notes as special reminders or grocery lists.

ILY Family Phone from Insensi is now up for pre-order on ILY website. It will be available worlwide in the fall 2015. Price tag reads $199.

SOURCE: Isensi


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