Be the best Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: Strike, now on Android devices

The G.I Joe movies may have been less than satisfactory, both with critics and the box office, but those who are still hard-core fans of the franchise will always have video games to go back to. The latest mobile game from developers Backflip Studios Inc now bring you G.I Joe: Strike, bringing back the “iconic commando” Snake Eyes as he undergoes another covert (although it looks more overt than covert) mission against perennial enemy Storm Shadow.

In this new “fast-paced, cinematic action game”, you have to against Storm Shadow’s Arashikage ninja army, giving you the option of fighting through martial arts or gunplay when the hordes of enemies become too much for you. There are over 100 ability cards that you can collect to make you/Snake Eyes even more menacing and either scare or beat the evil ninjas. And the reward if you survive the attacks? A one-on-one match against Storm Shadow himself, who is actually your “blood brother” turned enemy, if you follow the mythology of the franchise.

The combat matches against the ninjas are a combination of martial arts, swordplay, and gunplay as well (it is G.I. Joe after all). You go through various iconic locations from the games and comics as you try and wipe out the ninja army. And when you’re able to do so, you’ll get the title of “ultimate ninja commando”.

You can get G.I. Joe: Strike for free from the Google Play Store. There are some in-app purchases available, not necessary to buy, but helpful in the long run.



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