Face those dreadful robots and faction soldiers in Overkill 3

Here’s another time-waster and third person shooter game that you geeky gamers will surely love: Overkill 3. It’s not really a new game but the new cooperative multiplayer mode is definitely well…a game-changer. It’s always fun to play with friends especially if you’re all up for an extreme action challenge. Overkill 3 will have you playing for hours because you don’t want to end until you dominate the leaderboards and win those daily tournaments. You’re not the type who easily gives up, are you?

Game features a multiple reward system that includes Overkill Medals that you can use to purchase more guns, equipment, and unique callsigns–all these and more you will need to achieve victory in this fast-paced multiplayer action shooter game. Chat with friends while playing for a fun yet successful as you strategize together.

Your adventure is set in different environments from industrial complexes to abandoned cities to hostile deserts. You can’t stay in just one place because you will need to fight those robots and Faction soldiers, as well as, those assault snipers and squads. Your goal is to win each and every battle by using new and different tactics every time.

There’s also an endless game mode if you want to just play Overkill 3 for as long as you can. You need to defend the Generator and face the Faction who wants the scared people to follow. Be the hero of humanity by going against the killing machines. Victory can be yours. Are you ready to take on the deadly challenge?

Overkill 3 c
Overkill 3 a
Overkill 3 d
Overkill 3 b
Overkill 3 cover

Download Overkill 3 from the Google Play Store


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