Watch YouTube videos on your Android Wear with new app

Your smartwatch may not be the most ideal device with which to watch videos on, but aren’t there moments when you can’t bring out your smartphone and you just absolutely have to view something right then and there? Well, if that video is on YouTube and if you have a wearable running on Android Wear, then you will be able to do so. A new app called Video for Android Wear & YouTube is pretty self-explanatory as to what it will do for you.

The app allows you to not just watch YouTube videos on your compatible device, but you can even search for videos on it, using voice search or text search with predictions. You will also be able to pause, resume, and change the volume of the video you’re watching. You can also connect Bluetooth headphones and speakers to listen to the video better. Just make sure that you pair them with your smartwatch and not with your smartphone.

The app is also Chromecast ready, so in case you finally want to watch that YouTube video on a bigger screen, you can just press the casting button and it will then stream to whatever screen you’re connected to. You can still use your wearable as a remote control while watching on your TV screen or computer. If you ask us, it’s still pretty weird to be watching videos on a teeny tiny screen on your wrist, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

You can download Video for Android Wear & YouTube from the Google Play Store for free. Since the wear part is pretty heavy, it might take a few minutes to install, depending on how fast your connection is as well. This app is compatible with the following smartwatches:

– Samsung Gear Live

– LG G Watch

– Motorola Moto 360

– LG G Watch R

– Sony Smartwatch 3

– ASUS ZenWatch

– LG Watch Urbane



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