Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter to arrive at the Play Store next month

We should be used to this by now, as this is obviously not the first time a game has been introduced via iOS first before hitting Android. In some cases, the delay even takes years – so the 1 month delay of Bethesda’s “Fallout Shelter” mobile game coming from the Apple ecosystem to Android should not discourage Fallout fans out there.

Bethesda VP Pete Hines tweeted that the Android version of the game was “coming along nice”. When quizzed about when the game will finally launch at the Google Play Store, he replied, “Haven’t announced a date, but should be out next month. We’ll let you know when we have specifics.”


The game is basically a management simulator – the player comes into the familiar post-apocalyptic world of Fallout as an overseer of a vault filled with some of the last people on earth. Without spoiling the game so much for you Android people, we can say that the graphics of the game is gorgeous and consistent with what you know of the Fallout series.

The game features around 15 hours of gaming, all told. Not bad for something you can do when you’re not hooked on Fallout on your PC. Best thing about it? Offline play. Once you download the game, it doesn’t need the Internet for you to play. Let’s hope the game launches soon.

VIA: Talk Android


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