Get your very own Star Trek Communicator device

Trekkies will probably be scrambling to get one, and we can’t blame them. An official Star Trek Communicator is actually going to be available for the first time during the ongoing San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to call up the Enterprise, but at least the device is not just for eye candy. It is an actual fully functioning Bluetooth handset and speaker, and it will work beautifully (at least we think it will) with your connected or paired smartphone.

If you don’t believe that this device, created by the Wand Company is an official one, you’ll actually be able to pre-order it from the Star Trek online store. And this is not just some cheapo replica device, but it looks and feels like the real thing (except for the calling up of ships). The makers used “structured-light 3D scanning” so that it will look exactly like what is on the Enterprise. It is made from die-cast aluminum and even has a magnetic stand where you can charge the Blueltooth speaker.


In terms of functionality, the Communicator will be able to make and take calls with your paired smartphone and just by lifting the grilled antenna, you’ll be able to answer the incoming call. It can also serve as a speaker for your streaming music. And since it is a Star Trek Communicator after all, it comes with actual sound effects from the TV show and also includes conversation fragments from the show.

The Communicator will be unveiled at the SDCC this week, but Trekkies can start pre-ordering the device for $150 from the official website, but it will be shipped starting January 2016. Too bad it can’t beam itself to your doorstep just yet.


VIA: SlashGear


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