Help your heroes escape through matching in Tiny Warriors game

There are games that can be won through sheer firepower and brute force. There are those that can be won by your intellectual prowess in solving seemingly impossible puzzles. There are games that can be settled through your excellent hand-eye coordination and sheer tenacity. And then there are those games where victory comes through the ability to put together three shapes and colors, and also sheer dumb luck in the “throw” of the game. Tiny Warriors, a new Android game, is all about that fourth reason.

The objective of this game is to save the Tiny Warriors that are seemingly trapped in this “digital world”, all by solving your way out of match 3 kinds of puzzles. You can choose to play any of the five available warriors: Lion, Fox, Monkey, Porcupine, and Eagle. Each has their own unique abilities and bonuses. For example, Boz the Lion has the power to trigger all the power pieces on your board and if you power him up, he can turn any regular one into a power piece.

The game has lots of various puzzles and achievements that you can collect and boast about on the leaderboard and on your social media. Obviously, if you need to play more challenging games, then there are a lot out there that you can choose from. But this is a game that young children can enjoy and master, and also the not so young who want a brainless and simple game to while away their time.

You can download Tiny Warriors, created by prolific game developers Noodlecake Studios, from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available, but not necessary for playing.



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