Sony updates Folding@Home to help research in cures for diseases

Who knew that your smartphone can actually someday literally save lives? A groundbreaking app from Sony is being used by scientists involved in research of diseases like breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and some infectious diseases like ebola. They use your smartphone’s processing power in order to help protein folding research as there is a huge amount of power needed to ” simulate the complex movements of proteins as they change shape.” The latest update from the Folding@Home app helps researchers reach that goal easier than before.

The app currently has over 150,000 users and more than 70,000 connected smartphones, and with all this processing power at their hands, it will “provide a great boost to our team and its efforts,” said Dr. Vijay Pande from Standford University. Users can now allow their devices to contribute their processing power whenever they want, as long as you still have battery and you are connected to a WiFi network.

The app also now uses gamification features in order to make helping more fun for the users. You can log in to Google Game Services in order to be able to receive collaboration achievements and even combine all your processing time from other devices, as long as you’re logged in to the same account. And if you’re feeling really competitive, you can even compete with your friends in logging in processing times.

The update also means you don’t have to configure anything anymore as you just have to install the app and it will already work in the background if you’re connected to a WiFi network. And if you want to know more about the research that you’re helping with, simply look at the Active Research tab on the menu. You can download or update your Folding@Hope app from the Google Play Store for free of course.




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