See the bird’s POV with Cardboard Flappy Android 3D game

The Flappy Bird craze may have already died, but given the chance to see the game from the bird’s point of view, wouldn’t you take it? This is the idea behind the new game Cardboard Flappy, but this time, instead of tapping the screen, now you get a literal bird’s eye view as you fly through pipes. All you need is to have an Android smartphone, a Google Cardboard headset, and the ability to dodge those pipes in order to fly free.

It was just a year or two ago when Flappy Bird caught everyone by surprise and became a viral phenomenon. Now we don’t expect Cardboard Flappy to follow in its footsteps since not a lot of people have a Cardboard just sitting around at home, but it would be interesting to see if it will be the game that will start a massive interest in Virtual Reality headsets. With this version, you will still have to let the bird escape from the various obstacles in its way, and to press the headset trigger instead of just tapping the screen.

When we first heard of a VR version of the flapping bird type of game, we were afraid that people will get dizzy since they had to use their heads to control the game. Fortunately, that’s not the way to play it. Now whether or not this game will be as frustratingly exciting as the game it’s based on remains to be seen.

If you have any of the compatible VR headsets listed below and a connected Android smartphone, you can download Cardboard Flappy from the Google Play Store for free.


Google Cardboard


Durovis Dive

Refugio 3D



VR Smartview





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