Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 visits TENAA, coming very soon sans fingerprint scanner

Last week, we learned that Xiaomi is one of the biggest names in the fake Android market. That’s not really something to be proud of but we know Xiaomi is determined to be bigger not only in China but in other countries as well albeit not in the US anytime soon. The MIUI 6 ROM for the Redmi 1S was recently made available globally and the brand has also launched in Brazil the entry level Redmi 2 Android phone.

Xiaomi is set to make an important announcement this coming July 16 and we’ve been hearing several rumors that it could be the Xiaomi Mi 5 together with the Mi 5 Plus and the Redmi Note 2. Anything is possible especially after a TENAA certification was recently sighted. The phone looks a lot like the first-gen Redmi Note except for what is believed to be a loudspeaker found at the back. We can’t see any fingerprint sensor though as previously rumored.

All the details and the images point to a possible Redmi Note successor. Actually, two versions were spotted and both will have 2GB RAM, either a Snapdragon 615 or an octa-core MediaTek MT679 processor, 13MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing cam, 16GB or 32GB built-in storage, and a 3020mAh battery.

There’s another rumor that the two variants of the Redmi Note 2 will differ on the material used for the body–one is plastic and the other one metal but it’s too early to say yet so let’s wait and see as it the announcement is only a few days from today.

VIA: PhoneArena


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