Plan traps and summon monsters in ‘Sybil: Castle of Death’

How many mobile games will make you fear the face of death? ‘Sybil: Castle of Death’ is no ordinary strategy game as the horror and black comedy theme will make you think twice if you really want to play it or not. If you’re not used to such kind of dark strategy-tower defense game, don’t play this or else you will have nightmares you won’t forget. The graphics alone are enough to scare you.

‘Sybil: Castle of Death’ features different enemies that each has a unique story to tell. Your main challenge is to protect the room where Sybil’s coffin is. The enemies are attacking, trying to enter the ritual room but it’s your job to prevent them from going inside. To stop them, just summon the monsters, cast a magic spell, or set traps to finish any enemy wave.

Those enemies will only try to enter the castle with only one major goal: reach the coffin room. This game features 29 levels with all those 33 types of enemies trying to reach that weird room inside Sybil’s castle. Do everything in your power to beat those spirits by setting up straps and unleashing the monsters. Just like any adventure strategy game, ‘Sybil: Castle of Death’ will make you want to play the game for hours.

Game is $1.99 but no more in-app items are offered. It requires the device to have at least 1GB RAM and game words best on at least a 5-inch display.

Oh wait, did I tell you that calling those monsters will require some amount of blood and skull? So…are you up for this kind of challenge?

Sybil Castle of Death 2
Sybil Castle of Death 3
Sybil Castle of Death 4
Sybil Castle of Death 6
Sybil Castle of Death 5

Download Sybil: Castle of Death from the Google Play Store


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