Massive multiplayer game Call of Champions now on Android

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There are games meant to be played on your own, and then there are those that are enjoyable because you get to play with and against anyone in the whole wide world, all at the same time. Call of Champions is one of the latter, and this “most intense” real-time multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) is now available on Android smartphones and tablets. The best thing is that each match you play will only last five minutes.

But these five minute matches are nothing to scoff about. You need to be fast and strategic in order to win your battle. It employs the old-school mechanics of MOBA games like lanes, minions, and item shops, and puts them into play with a “tug-of-war” with an Orb of Death. You can choose from 15 Champions from five iconic classes and eight unique realms, which you can unlock and command as you play along.

As you play for a week, you’ll get a free champion which is actually worth $4. You can also grab power-ups or fight for board control so you can share these power-ups with your team. You can customize your champion through a Talent Tree. And if you feel like just observing and watching, you can use the Spectator Mode and watch your friends fight against the pros.

You can download Call of Champions from the Google Play Store for free, and the developer promises it will be free forever. There are also in-app purchases to help you along the way.

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