The Samsung Galaxy View is a movable display, it’s NOT a tablet

Samsung Galaxy View Android Tablet

If you think that the Galaxy View is simply an extra large tablet, well, you’re wrong. We’ve been saying it’s just a huge tablet but according to Samsung– it’s not. The South Korean tech giant claims that it is a “movable display”. You may not agree that there is a difference but the company insists that the 18.4-inch device is a display that you can touch and move.

Okay, so Samsung wants it to be known as a movable display. We can see it’s a movable display but what’s the difference anyway? According to the UX designers and product planners, it wasn’t really meant to be a tablet. It is meant to be a display ideal for watching movies and TV shows while inside the house. They can bring it in any room, prop it up easily and quickly in different angles with the built-in kickstand.

Samsung’s Senior Designer at Mobile & IT Communications Business’ Hyun Kim said that they made the icons bigger for the users so they can be easier to read and navigation is more intuitive. There’s also a handle at the back so you can hold the display and move it from one place to another.

Hyun Kim further said:

“Smartphones or tablets are meant to be used in the hand, but the Galaxy View is designed to be used from arm’s reach. This length is critical to the Galaxy View experience. We focused on this distance when we created the new user experience design. We eliminated many design features that require customers to micro-operate them with fine touch. We made sure the Galaxy View uses big icons that are more intuitive and readable.”

The Samsung Galaxy View’s large screen is very much welcome. Some people and industries need such and while there are smart touchscreen TVs already, there’s nothing as capable to run apps and as impressive as the Galaxy View that is powered by Android. It’s a “smart device” says Samsung. Others may see it an all-in-one PC or a large tablet but this “movable” is more than that. In what way? The company says it’s more versatile compared to the portable tablet and a smart TV that is usually fixed.

The designers at Samsung imagined an easily accessible Media Home when they designed the Galaxy View. The idea is not really unique but Samsung is one of the first OEMs to officially enter the game with an actual working concept. Will this new “movable display” category sell? What do you think?


SOURCE: Samsung


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