Sweep out all enemies with counter attacks in ‘Devil Eater’

D Eater 8

So many action games available on the Play Store but only a few deserve all the five-stars and praises. That is, according to the many reviews we’ve read about the ‘Devil Eater’. This mobile game is said to combine a number of relation titles that are all exciting, making this one more interesting and challenging than ever.

You need to punish all the enemies in this game after you’ve been cursed and the death of Elise. It’s time for a revenge so go after those devils and try to hunt them back with the same power from the curse. Fight them with duel pistols and guard your soul before the dark force takes over.

You’re no angel but you can be a punisher of the enemies. Purify five cities and prove that you can guard them by way of skill shots and counter attacks. But first, you need to train your hunter. Strive hard to upgrade your numerous offensive and defensive skills plus speed because you will need all those. There’s a weapon shop where you can buy costumes and pistols with different skills–get all the upgrades and weapons you need.

Game features different missions and levels. Some may be buggy for now but rest assured that developer LoadComplete will complete the fix especially in ‘Daily Mission’ soon. Android game is free to download but in-app purchases are offered.

D Eater 7 D Eater 6 D Eater 5 D Eater 4 D Eater 4 D Eater 3 D Eater 2 D Eater

Download Devil Eater from the Google Play Store


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