Final Fantasy IX is on discounted price until Feb. 21


Final Fantasy IX was released at the brink of the modern 3D age of RPG gaming in consoles. It was probably the last of the Final Fantasy series to be rendered in 2D, but that was not to its detriment. In fact, it was one of the most fun Final Fantasy games most people have played, after the soap opera treatment of FF8. It\’s no surprise a lot of people are happy the Square Enix is bringing this classic to Android. As a bonus, they\’re cutting of 20% from the full retail price until Feb. 21 so you can get it at a discount.

It took a good deal of praying to the Android gaming gods for FFIX to be finally released for Android. You will remember that Square Enix brought the iconic Final Fantasy 7 to mobile, but it was only made available for iOS devices. Now FF9 is here, with full Android compatibility. The game says it is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and up, but make sure your processor and graphics chip can hack it.

Also, the game needs quite a bit of space on your device – this is why a lot of people are complaining of “not enough space” errors when installing it. As per Square Enix, the game needs around 4GB of space to run. So all in all, around 8GB of space for downloading and running it. 8GB of storage is heck big, in fact, that\’s all of the storage some midrange and entry level devices have.

But if you know your device can hack it, get ready to spend USD$19.99 on discounted pricing. Yep, it\’s still quite expensive even on discounted rates, but this is lower than the expected retail price, so you get what you can get. Check the download link below to pick up the game.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


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